Jason Holt | Headshot & Portrait Photographer

Jason Holt | Headshot & Portrait Photographer

Hi, I'm Jason. I'm a photographer. Call me Jay. I love working with people to create beautiful photographs for Professionals, Creatives and Family. After many years working in manufacturing, I decided that I needed to follow my passion and rebuild my faith in human nature. My days are now filled, working with fun and interesting people, creating images of themselves that they can be excited about. 

  • Husband to one.

  • Father of two.

  • Mechanical watches make me tick.

  • I'd rather be skiing!

  • Love being outside with my beagles, Charlie & Lola.

We can't change how we look but I can change how you feel and capture a brilliant photograph of you.

  • Do you dread having your picture taken?

  • Have you been searching through different selfies?

  • Tried to Crop yourself from a picture of a night out?

  • Using an image from years ago?

  • Getting your other half to take a shot?

I really care about making people feel comfortable in front of my camera and I love it when I can see that clients feel good about themselves. We'll work together to capture your expressions, reflecting your personality, ensuring you look confident and approachable.  I won’t ask you to smile but I will help you to prepare for your shoot and I'll look after you from the moment you book until your images are delivered.

If you are into the crazy social media thing, here are a few places you can find me...