How do you want people to react to you?
Make sure your headshot shows you looking confident, approachable and trustworthy - not awkward and fake.
Investing in a headshot that builds trust and creates a connection is essential these days.

 Is your LinkedIn Profile Picture working hard for you?

Your headshot won’t send the right message without a facial expression coach.
Average photographers will ask you to smile or “say cheese.”
The photographer, the client, and everyone else's a fake smile.
Entrepreneurs & professionals are investing in their personal brands more than ever to elevate their perceived value.
Every one of my headshot sessions include education, practice and coaching to ensure you look and feel great.

 South West Headshots 

Let’s face it, people judge us before they meet us.
A quick browse on the company website or on a social media platform and they’ve made an opinion.
Old, poor quality headshots are a liability to our business and our brands.

A great headshot however, has huge benefits. Its a status symbol.
It shows your audience that you care about presentation and that you are
keen to promote yourself in a way that underlines how you do business.

Why dilute your brand with an old, lazy headshot?

  Headshot Expression Coach

I am a photographer and facial expression coach.
Stop wasting money buying more headshots and still being disappointed with the results.

Let me guide you to a headshot that suits your industry and your professional goals.
The best headshots ensure you look professional, confident and approachable.

I’ll make sure you look fantastic, feel fantastic and show others you’re on top of your game.

Headshots near Yeovil

Jason Holt Photography has a studio conveniently located in Yeovil - easily accessible from the M5, A303 and surrounding areas.
Access is good from anywhere in the South West and I offer on location headshots for larger groups.


I shoot tethered to a laptop so during the session, we’ll review our progress. By the end, we’ll have marked some of the best images, and can discuss your favorites. I’ll give you some guidance on making the selections.

Yeovil Headshots

Taunton Headshots

Exeter Headshots

Bristol Headshots

Somerset Headshots

Devon Headshots

Avon Headshots


The final cost of your headshot experience will depend on how many images you want. Click here to see the pricing for an individual session. Once you’ve have booked, take a look at these tips for preparing for your headshot!





stand out on social media

The best business network is LinkedIn. Present yourself well and your headshot will speak to prospective customers without you even opening your mouth. Don’t spoil that first ‘onling meeting’ with an old or homemade headshot.



land your next big role

How do you ensure your headshot stands out in sea of images? Powerful & modern headshots will help agents and casting directors notice you. Ensure you headshot reflects your ability and style but most of all helps you get that next role.



accelerate your career

Modern high-end headshots are a great way to rise above old-style corporate images where everyone looks bored or uneasy. Ensure you set yourself apart by looking confident and approachable; building trust with your audience, your clients or your next employer.


Somerset Photographer - Jason Holt

Hi, I'm Jay. I'm a headshot photographer and facial expression coach. I love to create high-end headshots for entrepreneurs, performers and businesses across the South of England. I don’t do high volume ‘smile’ photography. I spend time getting to know my clients; coaching them to look confident and approachable.

I’m husband to one and a father of two. Mechanical watches make me tick and if I’m not behind the camera I’d rather be skiing or outside with my beagles, Charlie & Lola. After many years working in manufacturing, I decided that I needed to follow my passion and rebuild my faith in human nature. My days are now filled, working with fun and interesting people, creating images, video and social media content to help tell their story and build their brand.

I provide a premium service. Don’t be anxious about getting your headshot done - I know you’ll enjoy it.

Headshot Questions

Why are headshots important?

Headshots work for us or against us, building or eroding trust. People make assumptions about us based on how we present ourselves. Professional headshots help create the right first impression. A high-end headshot is a combination of technical photography with emotional connection and genuine expression.

What happens at a headshot session?

After booking, I will send you some tips for your headshot session so you can be prepared. When you arrive we’ll probably have a coffee and chat things through. I’ll explain how I’ll direct you and a bit about the lighting - then we’ll get going. Periodically we will review images on a laptop so you can understand your progress and start selecting images. After the session, I’ll send a carefully curated set of your best shots in a private web gallery. After you have made your selections, I’ll complete the retouching and deliver the final images, usually in about a week.

How should I dress for my headshot?

In your headshot confirmation email, you will receive a link to preparation guidelines with information on what to wear. To summarise: wear clean, simple, non-distracting clothing that fits well and that you enjoy wearing. Check the guidelines for full guidance. Click here for clothing and makeup tips.

What expression is best for my headshot?

I coach my clients to convey confidence and approachability, which begins to build a bond of trust from the moment they see your online image.

Why should I trust Jason Holt Headshot Photographer?

I have specific skills, all designed to provide a high-class headshot. I have worked hard to learn lighting, body positioning, face angles and the ability to coach you to a confident and approachable expression with an eye for detail. Each session is relaxed and fun; even the most anxious clients leave feeling more confident. See testimonials here.

Are the images retouched?

Yes. All images are retouched but in a very subtle way - absolutely no filters here! Over retouching can make a great image look terrible. Good retouching can make a great image look awesome. I want to ensure all images look natural and realistic. I’ll even skin tones and remove blemishes. I’ll colour correct, remove lint and sort out any fly-away hairs. Good retouching creates a level of polish that is hard to detect but impossible to live without. You’ll look like you but on a really good day!