About your Headshot Session



Do you enjoy having your picture taken? For many people the honest answer to this question is - no, not really. Let's face it, stepping in front of a professional camera with bright lights pointed at your face can be super uncomfortable and intimidating. Even downright terrifying. So why is this?

Do you dread having your picture taken?

Here's the thing - being in front of a photographer's camera can make you feel very vulnerable. It has a way of shining a spotlight (literally) all of our insecurities, and we immediately start judging ourselves. Even if you are a relatively confident person with decent self-esteem, seeing that big scary camera pointed in your direction can make all sorts of negative self-doubt start rising to the surface.

Have you been searching through different selfies?

On top of that, you are also basically required to relinquish most of your control over an already awkward situation, placing all of your trust in that person standing behind the camera who you met like 5 seconds ago. Yikes! When you spell it all out, it's no wonder so many of us avoid the camera. Right?? 

Tried to Crop yourself from a picture of a night out?

So the next question is - how do you deal all of that and still manage to end up with a fantastic headshot that you will feel good about showing to the world? Working with us, the answer to that question is simple. None of it is actually your job! Many photographers make it their client's responsibility to know what to do in front of their camera. That would be like hiring an accountant who makes you prepare your own tax return. Totally illogical and the exact opposite of how we work. Taking fabulous headshots is not what you do every day. It's what I do every day. With me, all you basically have to do is show up, and I will handle the rest!

Have you been using an image from years ago?

I hear the statement "I'm not photogenic" nearly every day, and I can honestly say that I've never worked with anyone that didn’t leave the session delighted. The truth is you don't have to be an actor or a supermodel to look awesome in your headshots. All you need is a skilled headshot specialist who knows how to illuminate your strengths (and diminish your perceived weaknesses) while helping you to feel as comfortable as possible in a situation that you may feel the least comfortable with.

Did you ask your partner to take a shot?

That is what I do and why a headshot session with me is unlike any experience you’ve ever had in front of a camera before. I guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised by how fun and uplifting this process can actually be.

Everyone hates having their picture taken, right?

During every session there is some banter, giggling and making faces. You don’t have to be a model to look good in pictures…you just have to be yourself. We can't change how we look but I can change how you feel and capture a brilliant photograph of you.


First up when you arrive at my studio you can expect a warm welcome and a big smile. We'll get your clothes hung up and start to get acquainted while we make you a cup of coffee. 

I'll take a look at clothing you brought while we talk about your work, your life, your family so we can get to know you, your personal brand and how you want to look in your headshots.

After everything is looking camera-ready face wise, I'll get you to try on a few different clothing options so we can see how things fit and what colors compliment your features.

Once we have clothing sorted out, then it's time to step in front of the lights which are rather bright at first, so we like to give everyone a few minutes to let their eyes adjust. I will snap a few test shots to make sure everything is looking just right, and I will teach you a few simple techniques that I will be using to get you looking your very best in your images.

Hurds hill BTS.jpg

Then once your eyes have adjusted and you are feeling ready to go, we'll start shooting. I'll be saying lots of funny things to you to get you laughing and having fun as well as providing expert coaching, pro tips, creative insights and direct direction every step of the way. Remember, getting you to look awesome in your headshots is 100% my job not yours.

All of the advanced coaching and direction I give is designed to capture and convey your personality authentically and reactively so that you look confident, professional, friendly and approachable in your headshots.

As your session moves along, we'll stop a few times to review images on the computer to make sure you like what you are seeing and address any areas of opportunity that we have for improvement.

This is meant to be a collaborative effort, so I will want you to be very honest with me about what you love and anything you don't. My top priority is that I get results that you super happy with. I won’t be upset, and it's easy to shift gears if we realise something isn't working so there is no need to hold anything back.

We will continue to review images in between sets and wardrobe changes, deleting the bad ones and only keeping the good ones. Expressions tend to get better and better as the session progresses so towards the end is where we can expect to see the most fantastic looks coming through. If we haven't quite gotten there yet, that means we aren't finished shooting. I never enforce a strict time limit on the length of a session. I shoot until we have the shots we are after and we end the session only when we both feel fantastic about what we have accomplished.