Petal Press Graphic Design

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Meet Blossom Chambers

My name is Blossom Chambers, my business is Petal Press Graphic Design

Tell us about your business.

I am a graphic designer, I cover all aspects of graphic design and website design.  I work closely with my clients to produce smart and credible designs to support their business identity or to create their brand identity from scratch.

What’s unique about how you do what you do?

I take the time to build an understanding with my clients so that they feel understood and their design needs are met fully.

What’s the one thing most people don’t know about your business, but should?

Design is a constant evolution, although a brand needs to be solid, it also needs to be allowed to evolve, it's not a static thing.

Where should readers go to learn more about the business?

Find out more from my website, and you can't beat a chat! So make contact and speak to me direct.

If you are a professional, creative or business in need of great photography, please call me. Whether its a new headshot, imagery for social media, interiors, brochures, website or LinkedIn profile picture, please get in touch. #headshots #personalbranding #digitalmarketing #personaldevelopment #business #businessheadshots #interiors #actorheadshot #actorslife #somerset #dorset #devon #hampshire #wiltshire

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