I'm Jason. I'm a Photographer

I'm Jason. Call me Jay. I'm a Headshot and Portrait Photographer based in Yeovil, Somerset.

Today is a day of two firsts for me. First LinkedIn post and first blog post. I feel a little bit proud and a lot embarrassed that it has taken so long. So, I'm started now and I plan to be far more consistent with my posting in future.



After a long time in manufacturing, I decided I HAD to make a change. I was not doing any of the things I enjoyed at work and had come to realise that we get one chance and I had bloomin' well better take it before I was too old to care.

So here I am. After a lifetime of preparation, I can now call myself a working photographer. I know I am probably the only one smiling having said those words - the rest of the world couldn't care, but believe me, it's a big deal for me.  

My goal is to do great work for people I like. To coach them and guide them through the process. To build confidence and to help them feel good about themselves and their image.

I want you to be totally excited about your headshots or portrait. Then I want you to use them! Replace your crappy selfie that you use for LinkedIn or other social platforms. I want to ensure that you look professional, confident, approachable. 

I am totally addicted to the buzz I get from working with people and seeing their confidence grow in front of the camera. I look forward to the opportunity of going through that process with you in future and providing something of true value.

Enough for now. This my first time and I'm exhausted.
Standby for the next one ;)


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